Social Engineering Assessment

While necessary for any security program, technical assessments alone are an incomplete simulation of a real world cyberattack. Technology does not exist in a vacuum – people are the central component of any company process, and are often the primary gateway to sensitive data and processes.

CICRA Consultancies offers a range of expert-driven social engineering assessments for organizations looking to test their employees and associated security policies.

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is a deceptive attack where an attacker attempts to persuade users into performing an action, such as providing a password or clicking a link.
While social engineering is typically assumed to be delivered via phishing emails, these attacks can come in many forms, including phone calls, SMS messages, social media, and even personal interactions.

Our Methodology

Similar to other technical assessments, CICRA Consultancies utilizes a structured series of steps in a social engineering assessment for structured, repeatable assessments. This step-by-step format ensures consistency in key areas, while providing flexibility in the specific scenarios created. This customization helps ensure a successful, effective engagement.

Our Services

Phishing Assessments

Our engagements go far beyond the automated tools found in many comparison services, providing highly targeted, sophisticated scenarios for each client. Using research on both the client organization and its employees, our security experts create sophisticated campaigns which ensure the best assessment of user education.

Vishing (Voice Call) Assessments

Vishing attacks utilize voice phone calls to similarly charm a user into performing an unauthorized access, such as providing sensitive information or downloading an untrusted file.

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