Cloud Security Assessment (AWS & Azure)

Cloud applications and architecture have both higher financial cost and excellent benefits to information security. On the other hand, moving to cloud hosting or cloud security solutions allows your company and developers to focus on developing essential applications. Also, many cloud service providers offer DDoS protection to make sure your applications remain operational without incurring the cost of creating a secure network architecture.

On the other hand, moving to a cloud provider will not instantly remedy all the security risks your business may face. Whenever you share data with another company, you also accept the risk that if an attacker compromises their services, your data will likely be a casualty. Based on this idea, backups are a necessity made exactly for this contingency. Security in this space relies on proper configuration, but ultimately, it’s in the hands of the provider your business chooses.

In terms of AWS environment, CICRA Consultancies assess threat vectors for following avenues as well as client requirements;

Started with coverage for Windows and Linux, the matrices of ATT&CK cover the various stages that are involved in cyberattacks (tactics) and elaborate the known methods in each one of them (techniques).
Those matrices help security experts understand the attack surface in their environments and make sure they have adequate detections and mitigations to the various risks. ATT&CK framework tactics include:

Azure assessment focuses on the following:

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