Secure Remote Access Solution

Need to provide secure remote access to employees working from home?

The solution has allowed enterprises to quickly provide secure and compliant remote access to on premise and cloud-based applications for teams working from home.

With offices closed amid lockdowns due to the debilitating coronavirus pandemic, businesses have found themselves suddenly plunged into an exceptionally challenging situation and largely uncharted territory when it comes to security. The offered enterprise-grade solution has helped institutions quickly enable teams of remote employees without sacrificing security or productivity as well as provide secured remote access to IT administrators and external vendors to manage systems.

The award-winning Secure Shield architecture, the solution is based on Zero Trust security, includes 2-factor authentication, and is easy to implement remotely with minimal changes required to the existing IT environment. Zero-Trust effectively means that “Do not trust anyone, whether inside (for e.g., inside the perimeter) or outside”. The same level of security checks and controls must be enforced irrespective of the location, device etc.